Civil unrest in Chad, Christians assessing needs

By March 7, 2007

Chad (MNN) — The crisis in Darfur, Sudan has spilled over
into Chad. The unrest is even causing problems between the two governments as
each accuse each other of supporting the other`s rebels. As a result eastern
Chad is plagued with insecurity.

Mission Aviation Fellowship
has work in Chad, says their
disaster response manager, John Woodberry. 
He describes the situation. "You have a couple of hundred thousand
refugees who have fled the Darfur crisis and have also come into eastern Chad,
who also has a civil war going on, which has created probably about 112, 000
internally displaced people."

Woodberry says they're flying out of the capital city,
N`Djamena, flying to the south assisting missionaries and Bible translators.
However, he says their work is changing. "We're also seeing increasing
needs in flying in support of aid agencies who are responding to this crisis in
eastern Chad."

However, in February, MAF faced some difficulties. "The
rebels came all the way to the capital city. And, because of the security
decreasing in the country, all our families left. And, MAF left a skeleton crew
to continue operating the flights that are needed in Chad."

Woodberry says there is good news. "Security is
starting to get a little better. Families are starting to come back in. You can
pray for the security for the families."

Because of the increasing needs in the region, Woodberry
says they need prayer. "MAF could basically use some more pilots and
another aircraft in that region and we just use what we have to do what God has
called us to do."

As MAF is able to assist other Christian organizations, many
understand who they are. "The people that we serve know that we are
Christian agencies who are coming and serving them and it opens doors that God
can work through because it's really God's spirit working through us and in the
heart of people we're serving."

If you'd like to support MAF's work in Chad or around the
world, go to our website.

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