Civil war spreads throughout Myanmar

By November 1, 2021

Myanmar (MNN) — The outgoing U.N. envoy to Myanmar says civil war has spread throughout the country.

Brian Dennett describes the brutal fighting via AMG international partners in the country. “One community effectively held off the military using handmade guns and weapons. They were celebrating that fact, only to be bombed by an aircraft sent by the military government. That has just devastated that entire community.”

Grasping for control

Neither the U.N. nor the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has recognized the military junta as Myanmar’s government. But Dennett says the military has only grasped for more control. “I mean, they’re using every tactic they can to continue to gain authority in the area, including torture, and entering even small villages.”

The military has blocked roads, cutting off aid and most communication as well. Dennett says, “They’ve also blocked almost all local communications like telephone service and cell service. We hear that they themselves are using satellite phones, really keeping all other communication from coming in or out.”

AMG’s work

However, AMG continues getting food and medicine into the country. Dennett says, “We’ve now been able to support 4,200 families with food, with medicine packs, and by responding to COVID-19, giving oxygen concentrators that have saved a lot of lives.” Want to help with this effort? Donate or learn more at

Dennett says churches in Myanmar have seen a great openness to the Gospel. Pray this trend continues. Dennett says, “Churches have really come together. We’re seeing many people come to the Lord, many baptisms taking place. People need that hope. As we continue to bring in food and supplies, we are sharing the Gospel.”



Header photo courtesy of ADD from Pixabay.