Class gift crushes water disease

By October 7, 2011

Guatemala (MNN) — Most class gifts from graduating students look something like new athletic equipment, a memorial of some sort, or maybe even a tree or two planted.

But for the Spring 2011 class of East Carolina University College of Nursing, their gift went beyond just the university’s property line.

Living Water International recently reported that ECU’s Spring 2011 senior class gift was none other than the generous donation of a well providing clean drinking water to a village in Guatemala.

This particular community of 150 villagers who received the gift had been dependent on a hand-dug well which was unprotected. Many villagers got infections such as cholera and dysentery because of the polluted old well.

With the new 35-meter-deep well, it marks a new beginning for this Guatemalan village of farmers and ranchers. It also marks the first time an ECU graduating class has ever donated their class gift to an international cause.

Kaitlyn Whitlock, president of the Spring 2011 class, says, "Seeing pictures of the grateful faces of those affected by this project was priceless. I'm so glad our class was able to do something that will be so meaningful for the health and well-being of an entire community."

"Students always say, 'I wish I could do more.' Now I can say, 'You have,'" Dr. Kim Larson, assistant professor of nursing, remarked. "The well will bring safe drinking water to hundreds of families, especially young children who are the most vulnerable to consequences of unsafe water and inadequate hygiene. The students know that the well will do more for the health of the community than dozens of nursing students helping out at the nutrition center. They see that as a real community service."

Providing water is only one goal in the ultimate mission at Living Water International. Along with giving access to safe drinking water, Living Water International also seeks to expose people to the "true living water" of Jesus Christ who quenches the spiritual deserts within us. He alone can fully satisfy.

Please pray that more would be inspired to rescue those dying of thirst and that, along the way, those in need would also learn of our Lord who satisfies the deepest thirst in our hearts.

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