Classes grind to halt for floods

By August 19, 2011

India (MNN) — The monsoon season is at the peak of its climb in India, and with it comes heavy rains and flooding. Beggars' Valley in Hyderabad of southern India is no exception.

India's Children reported last week that St. Mark's Grammar School, an elementary school supported by them in Beggars' Valley, is dealing with flooding. St. Mark's Grammar School is especially threatened because of their location.

St. Mark's Grammar School is situated between two inclines and in a run-down condition as it is. When the heavy rains come, teachers must grab anything damageable and usher the children up the hill to escape the inevitable flooding.

The floodwaters get 4-5 feet high and bring all classes to a halt until the water level goes back down. It can be especially unnerving as rats take over the school during the watery invasion, and often children returning have to deal with these rodents.

India's Children says it is "a scary moment for the teachers and children in St. Mark's Grammar School."

From June to September, the monsoon season is a dangerous period of the year for people in India. Hundreds are killed annually by the rushing floods that take people off-guard.

However, despite poor conditions and dangerous location during flood season, many have no other choice since St. Mark's Grammar School is the only education for the impoverished children of Beggar's Valley.

In addition to getting an invaluable education, students at the school also are taught about Christ and the hope He gives. India's Children supports their ministry and comes alongside them to give these children not only hope for a better future circumstantially, but also spiritually.

As earlier reported, there are still as many as 70 children in Beggar's Valley waiting to be able to attend St. Mark's Grammar School and get a shot at a life away from the slums. There is a pastor who has volunteered to drive the children to and from the school every day, but they have no means of transportation.

India's Children would love to be able to see more children return to the school once the flooding subsides, but they are in need of funding for van rental that will cost $10,000.

Please pray for the funding to be provided so that more children can attend St. Mark's Grammar School with the rest of the students. Pray for the Lord's protection over the students during this flood season, and pray that classes can remain in session as much as possible.

If you would like to donate toward a van for the children of St. Mark's Grammar School, click here.

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