Clean water for a million by 2020

By March 21, 2014
clean water
clean water

The women of Buiyilli proudly show off their new water filters donated to the community by members and friends of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Ga.
(Image, caption courtesy The Mission Society)

Ghana (MNN) — Around 11% of the world’s population, or 780 million people, don’t have access to clean water. Africa alone holds 345 million of these individuals.

Each year on March 22–World Water Day, groups raise awareness of the crucial role clean water plays in everyday life.

In Ghana, The Mission Society is spearheading efforts to give one million people access to clean water by 2020. This project is also introducing the Gospel by connecting clean drinking water with the Living Water of Christ.

During the last seven years, The Mission Society and Pure Home Water, a nonprofit manufacturer of ceramic pot water filters in Ghana, have provided more than 20,000 filters. That’s given an estimated 100,000 people access to life-saving clean water.

The effort to grant widespread access to water is also helping increase economic stability in the region. In Taha, where Pure Home Water is located, the nonprofit organization hires local women who are able to earn a regular paycheck.

This steady income allows them to purchase more food for their families or pay for school supplies for their children–activities that would not have been possible without the employer.

In observance of World Water Day, The Mission Society and Pure Home Water are encouraging Christians around the world to purchase a $25 water filter, which will radically impact the life of one family in Ghana.

“So much of the disease, pain, and death that afflict the people of Ghana is preventable,” said Mary Kay Jackson, a missionary with The Mission Society and managing director of Pure Home Water.

“By providing something as simple and affordable as a home water filter, we can change the course of millions of lives.”

In addition to projects in Ghana, The Mission Society has also spearheaded water projects in Nicaragua, Paraguay, Kenya, Peru, Ecuador, Togo, Haiti, Tanzania, and Costa Rica over the past 30 years.

“Our mission has always been to deploy the body of Christ to the least-reached people around the globe,” said Dick McClain, president and CEO of The Mission Society.

“While many of us take for granted access to clean water, it’s a matter of life and death for millions, including the people of north Ghana. Something as simple as a locally-made water filter can literally change the future for these families, their communities, and even the entire region.”

You can help provide clean water to 1 million people in Ghana by 2020 by clicking here.

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