Clean water projects are underway for Liberia

By April 16, 2004

Liberia (MNN)—-The World Health Organization says roughly 38,000 people a day die as a result of water related diseases.

Living Water International is working to provide safe clean drinking water to many needy areas of the world. They currenly are working in 16 countries and now are turning their sights toward Liberia.

Spokesman Jerry Wiles says that their group has been working for 14 years to dig wells and repair pumps for those who need good water to survive. They often partner with other national organizations and movements to provide water, share the Gospel and work to plant churches in those communities where relationships have been formed.
Because water is the foundation and key to transformation LWI is working to help the people in Liberia. They will work with indigenous partners, local churches, schools, orphanges, and hospitals to accomplish their goal. Many rural areas may have a well but repair to the pumps are needed.

Water is the key to transformation. When people don’t have water other mission groups are unable to help with medical work, agricultural development or food programs. Education is also affected. When water no longer is a problem then the dynamic of the entire community changes.

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