Clever web navigation allows International Media Ministries to bring hope to Iran

By May 26, 2023

Iran (MNN) — While Iran’s hangings and brutal crackdowns on dissenters have taken the spotlight recently, the regime’s oppression extends to the worldwide web.

“They have this huge Revolutionary Guard hacker community taking down Christian sites and checking on people who might be Christian,” Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says.

Regime hackers met their match earlier this month. However, the challenge did not come from Iranian Christians.

“Somehow, another Islamic organization has hacked their (Revolutionary Guard) websites and defamed them online,” Godwin says.

Hacking groups have increasingly targeted government agencies since protests began last fall. This month’s breach released hundreds of documents and disabled over 200 sites.

Clever internet navigation also allows IMM to bring messages of hope to Iran – the country formerly known as Persia. “We are working towards telling the story of Esther coming to the palace in Persia thousands of years ago,” Godwin says.

Noting the Crown Prince of Iran’s recent visit to Israel, “We feel a sense of urgency at International Media Ministries to be standing alongside [Iranians], helping tell some biblical stories that point back to a time when God used Persia to set Israel free from Babylon,” she adds.

(Graphic courtesy of IMM)

“It’s an important time to pray for Iran.”

Pray for wisdom as IMM finishes work on the Esther project. Pray that its messages will be relevant and compelling to people inside Iran.

Learn more about IMM’s work and find ways to help here.

“Pray for the Body of Christ under persecution in Iran, that God would give them strength and miraculously protect them. You hear amazing stories of people who get let go or have a way to get out,” Godwin says.



Header image courtesy of International Media Ministries.

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