Clock ticks down for Urbana 15

By June 29, 2015


USA (MNN) — Time’s running out for college kids. Tomorrow, June 30, is their last chance to secure a reduced-rate place at Urbana 15.

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“Urbana” is the tri-annual student missions conference from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Thousands of global-minded students from across the U.S. will spend five days in Missouri this December learning how they can change the world for Christ.

Will you be one of them?

Why should I go to Urbana?

(Photo courtesy Urbana via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Urbana via Facebook)

The Urbana Student Missions Conference is a place of connection.

Not only do students meet like-minded peers from around the nation and world, they connect with mission leaders and speakers who can help them discover God’s purpose for their lives.

For the most part, college kids pursue a degree for a specific reason. Urbana helps them realize how they can use that degree–along with the gifts and talents God has given them–to further His Kingdom.

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Who else can I bring?

Urbana draws people from all over North America who want to learn more about global realities, current missions issues, and their place in God’s mission.

The conference is geared specifically toward college students between the ages of 17 and 29, although there is no upper age limit. High school students must be at least 17 years of age by December 27, 2015, and in their final year of high school.

International students are welcome too!

What exactly are we going to do?

(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

An itinerary for Urbana 15 isn’t available yet, but time will be spent in four general categories: Bible study, prayer, worship, and seminars.

Learn more on the Urbana 15 website:

There’s also a new component this year called Hack4Missions. The Urbana 15 hackathon is a great opportunity to explore technology’s place in God’s mission. Students can discern how their skills and interests could be used to serve God around the world.

Where can I sign up?

Students can secure a place at Urbana 15 for under $400, as long as they sign up before midnight June 30. After that, registration shoots up to $459.

(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

Secure your place at Urbana 15.

The registration fee includes all conference costs and 4 evening meals. Travel and housing costs are not included.

Find out where you can get lodging, meals, and transportation at the Urbana 15 website.

Pray for students and InterVarsity staff preparing for Urbana 15. Pray that Urbana 15 will help inform, equip, and mobilize college students for global missions.

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