Close call for praying pastor

By January 31, 2011

Asia (MNN) — A pastor supported by Gospel For Asia was recently threatened by police after praying with a sick woman.

Harish and his wife entered a congregants home to pray with her. She had had a fever for several days, and the pastor had come to pray for healing.

After praying, the couple left the home. On their way back, they were stopped by four drunk men and a local official. The men all threatened Harish for praying with the sick woman, accusing him of enticing people to convert to his religion.

As the situation heated up, a neighbor came out, asking questions. When he discovered why the policeman and other men were yelling at Harish, he joined in the harassment.

Pastor Harish was able to get out of the situation without a beating, but he remains shaken. Harish has been in the village for six years, pastoring a small church of 25, but nevertheless, he is now afraid for his safety. Persecution is frequent in his district, and it seems to be getting worse.

Pastor Harish asks for prayer for safety, but also for transformation. Pray that the Lord would grab a hold of the hearts of the men who have threatened Harish, and bring them to Himself. Pray that Harish would be able to continue on in his ministry unafraid, and that the Kingdom would only grow in his area.

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