Clubfoot soccer match first of its kind

By October 18, 2011

Malawi (MNN) — Amid ongoing fuel shortages and poverty, some Malawians will take a day to rejoice this Friday, as the nation hosts an international first: a kids' soccer game.

Of course other nations have had kids' soccer games before, but none like this. It will be the world's first soccer match in which every child on the pitch has been cured of clubfoot.

The game this Friday, October 21, will feature children who have been cured of their clubfoot, thanks to CURE International Beit Hospital and the Malawi National Clubfoot Program. These children would never even be able to kick a ball if it weren't for these organizations, and now they will be playing a whole game.

Stuart Palmer, Executive Director of CURE's hospital in Malawi, says, "The children's football match epitomizes the work of CURE in Malawi. It demonstrates the complete transformation of young lives previously blighted by an easily curable physical disability and very painful social stigma. And who knows: some of these children may go on to be international football players. After all, Steven Gerrard was born with the same conditions."

The match will be a celebration and also hopefully will mean more people hearing about CURE's hospital. CURE provides free surgeries for children and adults with clubfoot and other conditions, all while sharing the Gospel.

Pray that this soccer match might be a doorway to Christ for some.

CURE's Malawi hospital is just one of many around the world. Learn more about their work here.

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