College students consider overseas missions

By December 22, 2010

International (MNN) — Over Christmas break, college students will
gather at Campus Crusade for Christ's ten winter conferences to learn more about God and
to consider full-time ministry. Global
Aid Network
, a ministry of Campus Crusade, will participate in ministry fairs at three of these

GAiN USA's Emily Noah said staff will be talking with students about
summer ministry opportunities, as well as employment opportunities with GAiN USA
they may wish to pursue upon graduation from college. 

"We want to help them see what the Gospel is, and how they can have a
part in carrying that out around the world, and sharing and meeting people's
needs," she said. "What we are going to
be talking about is our one or two week short-term mission trips and our
internship program. So really, [we're] giving
students a vision for what it looks like to be in full-time ministry or to
spend their summer or part of their summer doing God's work."

The four-day conferences will run in Baltimore, MD and Indianapolis, IN
from December 28 to January 1. Another
conference will be held in Fort Worth, TX during the first week of
January. At the conference in Baltimore,
GAiN USA will hold a seed-packing event. 

"Thousands of students are
going to come together and pack seeds for Global Aid Network to ship to
families overseas so they can grow their own food," Noah explained. "We'll be using that to share the Gospel." 

Noah requested prayer for staff as they seek to communicate GAiN USA's
mission to students and talk with students about how may be calling them.  She
also encouraged Christians to pray for the college students attending the

"It can be kind of intense for students because it's a lot of
information and a lot of spiritual learning coming at them," Noah said. In addition to encouraging students to
consider summer missions opportunities, the winter conferences are also designed
to provide training and spiritual refreshment for students as they go home on

"As college students, it's a time where you're getting away from your
parents, and you're really exploring what it means to have faith in Christ on
your own; it's not your parents' faith anymore," Noah said. "Pray for the students to catch the vision of
what it means to live out the Gospel." 

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