College students get ready for “street” ministry in the U.S.

By May 2, 2007

USA (MNN) — Summer! For most college students it means getting a summer job to earn a little extra cash, or taking it easy before another hard year ahead. Not so for college students who are getting involved with Here's Life Inner City, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

This year, students will be heading to the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Seattle. They're traveling to these cities to serve alongside urban churches and missions to help share the Gospel in close-range, heart-to-heart, hands-on ministry called "Summer in the City."

They'll do that by stringing salvation bracelets, conducting door-to-door evangelism, tutoring children and teens, serving in food pantries, jail ministry, rehab centers, and much more. Over the years, "Summer in the City" has become more and more effective in helping families physically and spiritually. Many people have come to Christ as a result.

The only catch? Here's Life Inner City needs your support to help cover a $58-per-student shortage. $58 could help one student with a week of hands-on ministry.

Students give up summer job, pay their own travel expenses, and cover almost the entire cost of lodging, meals, and ministry supplies. They joyfully grind out long hours of hard work to give of themselves to be front-line evangelistic troops on the ground for urban churches and ministries.

If you'd like to help support a student, click here.

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