College students move Bible translation forward

By March 8, 2011

Kenya (MNN) — The current goal for Wycliffe Bible Translators is often referred to as "Vision 2025," referring to the hope the ministry has to see Bible translations in the works for every language on earth by the year 2025.

Translating the Bible into every language in the next 14 years is a hefty task  and includes a lot more hands and details than someone may initially think.

The details are what got three young men from a small, Christian university involved in Bible translation.

One of the many ways Wycliffe is making translation headway is through partnerships. So when a partner has a problem, it's a problem for Bible translation as a whole.

Wycliffe partner Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL), based in Nairobi, Kenya, had a problem. The software used by BTL to handle personnel records worked best on a high-bandwidth internet connection. In Kenya, however, internet speed is not always consistent.

Enter: three students from Corban University. The students from the small Oregon school heard about the need from a Wycliffe partner and began working on a solution in the fall of 2010. After working more than a semester, the students finally completed their project and flew to Kenya to set things into motion.

The newly-installed technology served BTL immediately but will really assist in evangelism in the long run. Thanks to the new features, software should be able to run more efficiently. Hopefully that will mean Bible translation with BTL will go more quickly and smoothly as well. The more Bible translation work completed, the more opportunity for evangelism.

Bringing the Word of God to those without it is an invaluable opportunity. And you can help! Wycliffe needs all sorts of volunteers to go on short-term mission trips. Click here to see where you can use your gifts and talents. If work like that of the Corban students interests you, click here.


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