Colorado youth ministry uses Scripture to mobilize teens

By September 12, 2012

USA (MNN) — The motto of Axis, a youth ministry based in Colorado, is simple: Apathy to Action. But moving youth away from apathy and toward action is a huge challenge. To provoke teens to live out their faith, Axis leaders use the Community Bible Experience from Biblica. The program encourages deeper Bible reading and exposes young people to the wisdom found in God's Word.

Biblica's Community Bible Experience combines three different approaches to reading the Bible that work together to transform participants, small groups, and churches. The approaches include "Reading Big," "Reading in Context," and "Reading Together."

Over 8 weeks, participants read either the entire New Testament or portions of the Old Testament using The Books of the Bible–a Bible that's formatted without chapters or verses to enable easy reading of Scripture in a single sitting. Many sections of the Bible have been re-ordered back to the way it was originally written, allowing participants to experience God's Word in its historical context.

In the third approach, "Reading Together," participants read the same passages at the same time, and come together in community to discuss their thoughts. As group members engage with Scripture, they add deeper meaning and understanding for the entire group.

Axis uses the program to encourage young people to engage with God's Word.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Axis encourages young Christians to move from static belief to gospel action. They challenge over 10,000 teenagers to live out their faith in tangible ways by serving in their communities and taking a stand for their faith. Using teen-friendly media like Facebook and YouTube, Axis leaders communicate with youth on their level about what it means to follow Jesus in today's culture.

Pray for Colorado teens as they learn about Christ through this program. Click here to learn more about Biblica's Community Bible Experience.

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