Coloring books as Gospel teaching tools

By May 13, 2019

International (MNN) – Over the years, World Missionary Press (WMP) has created different children’s coloring books. The coloring books have made a deep impact in kids’ lives around the world, and now, WMP is revising their books so they can produce and send more to children.

The coloring books have pictures that kids can color and Bible verses in their native language which speak God’s words of truth, hope, and life. So far, WMP offers books in more than ten languages.

Stories of Global Impact

The coloring books have been used as teaching tools.

WMP’s Helen Williams says one partner in Liberia takes a coloring page and a passage to teach children the principles behind the verse and picture.

“He just goes from page to page, and as he read[s] it, the Lord brings other things to mind, and he just uses this tremendously.”

The books have also been major tools of encouragement for hurting and broken youths.

Williams says when the Chernobyl accident happened in Ukraine, there were many affected children in hospitals.

There was a request for coloring books and WMP sent many in Russian.

“We had stories of children that that was their only possession, and as they went from hospital to hospital, they clung to those coloring books as their only possession,” Williams says.

“And the pictures and the words in them were life at that time, and for the children to receive something that was for them for their minds and their hearts as well as their physical needs,” was very special and encouraging.

WMP has also sent books in native languages to Africa and South America.

WMP received stories from people in South America. After coloring pictures, families placed the pages on the walls as a reminder of who God is and how much He loves them.

Williams says the verses and pictures were on the walls for both children and parents to see them at all times and it created opportunities to reach families’ hearts.

“This is why we are revising them so we can do more because we believe that they are effective,” Williams says.

Revising for more impact

WMP’s previous coloring books were large and expensive to print.

“We had to produce them out of house because they didn’t sit on our press setup was not for that size in that particular book,” Williams says.

“So, the decision was made to revise them down to a smaller piece… and to redo them and make them more available so that we could print them here. So, instead of paying 22 cents a copy, we can print them for less than 10 cents a copy. We can print more. We can print them here, and get more out.”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

By changing the size of their coloring books, they’re able to print more and send more to impact even more children worldwide.

Williams says she knows many people liked the larger books, but having these smaller coloring books will, in the long run, be more effective.

The books offer new pictures and Bible verses in native languages, and WMP hopes to have them released in May.

Pray the revised coloring books will continue sharing God’s truth, life, and hope with children worldwide. Pray the books will make a deep impact and transform the lives of both children and parents.

Help provide WMP’s revised coloring books to kids around the world by donating here.



Header photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook.

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