Combatting desolation in Ukraine

By January 1, 2020

Ukraine (MNN) — What does war leave behind? Conflict in eastern Ukraine has left the region wartorn and wounded. Ukraine’s infrastructure has taken a beating from fear and violence, leaving much of the area plagued by poverty and starvation.

In the words of Slavic Gospel Assocation’s Eric Mock, “While the Ukrainian government works to establish itself on the world scene, it still reels from the reality of its industrial base that was greatly damaged when Russia invaded the eastern third of the nation.”

As a result, villages and towns have been devastated. Local businesses, including grocery stores, gas stations, and more, have been shelled into rubble. Most surviving businesses chose to flee rather than wait in fear for their turn, and new businesses rarely take the financial or physical risk of establishing themselves.

Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association

Homes are gone, too. Most have been blown away by bombing and war, leaving locals starving, impoverished, and homeless. Conditions are already harsh, and as winter builds, it’s only going to get worse.

And yet, there is hope. “In the midst of suffering that’s going on, God continues to accomplish things, as you said, behind the scenes and in amazing ways, to raising up His church and people that desire to make a difference.”

That’s where the Crisis Evangelism Fund comes in. The Fund provides mattresses, linens, food parcels, evangelistic literature, and more. They’re equipping locals to face hardship with a good night’s sleep, full bellies, and Gospel hope.

“We’ve been able to get behind the people that God has raised up to help the people in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainians reaching Ukrainians,” Mock says. “What a joy it’s been to see how these faithful believers, week in and week out, are putting their lives on the line in the midst of this conflict to take a message of faith, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to bring much needed food and supplies to citizens.”

If you want to support, you can contribute directly to the Crisis Evangelism Fund and learn more about how your donations help Ukranian families. You can also donate to other projects Slavic Gospel Association uses to support Ukranian believers and hurting locals.

Not sure you can spare the money? Pray.

“It would be foolish for me to think that my man-centered efforts are the total solution to all their needs there,” Mock says. “Instead, it’s the power of God at work through the power of prayer. And God hears our prayer. In fact, Peter Deyneka Sr, the founder of Slavic Gospel Association, would say, ‘Much prayer, much power. Little prayer, little power. No prayer, no power.’”



Header photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association

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