Comeback at camp

By July 13, 2011

Tanzania (MNN) — Camp is often one of those things any child anxiously anticipates in the summer. For many of the children in Tanzania, camp has had life changing results. Grace Ministries International (GMI) recently finished their third and final week of Youth camps in Tanzania.

Brooks Seekins with GMI writes, "Many [of the kids] had never been to camp before, but those who had came with hearts ready to learn and lots of energy. We could hang out under the mango tree for hours singing and dancing."

Tanzania is located on the eastern coastline of Africa. The kids attending the Youth camp in Tanzania come from a struggling society. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, nearly 40% of Tanzania's population is below the poverty line. In addition, out of all African countries, Tanzania hosts the largest refugee population.

However, poverty and societal issues did not stand in the way of GMI staff sharing the love of Christ. The 50 children attending the Youth camp came from eight different villages in the area. They praise God for moving in the hearts of the kids. Of the 50 kids who attended, 25 children committed their lives to Christ.

The previous week had been a difficult one for the camp counselors, but the Lord blessed them with renewed energy for the last week. In the end, staff from the camp reported that they were able to end on a solid note with their final week.

The team was graciously hosted by a church in Tanzania. The church provided meals for the camp counselors and was a great support of the team as they worked with kids from the community.

GMI is blessed to be involved in Tanzania through other ministries as well. They have missionaries in three different cities. They are working on planting churches, evangelizing, and providing theological education. Currently, GMI is working in Tanzania to bring clean water and agriculture to the communities. They also have a special ministry evangelizing fishermen on the shores of Lake Rukwa.

Please pray for the children who came to know Christ during their week at camp. Pray that they would continue to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ. The staff thanks God for providing health and energy to pull off three wonderful weeks of camp where the love of Christ was proclaimed.

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