CommNet team advocates for unreached

By April 21, 2014
Screen shot of COMMNET's video, Idols.

Thailand (MNN) — A unique group of creative outreach workers are using their abilities to share God’s work, talk about needs, and engage in communities. They’re using compelling content through various kinds of media to do it. Pictures, video, and other material are the tools this team is using to talk about outreach work that’s going on specifically in South East Asia.

It’s called CommNet, an outreach of Pioneers. Jason works with CommNet in Thailand. “We have a sense that God is robbed of His glory when we don’t celebrate what He’s doing and His work. We believe the bride of Christ is ready to respond to pray, to give, and to go. We are not satisfied to simply share the stories of others, but to play a role in the story ourselves.”

Screen shot of COMMNET's video, Idols.

Screen shot of COMMNET’s video, Idols.

This small mobile communications team travels all over SE Asia to assist fellow workers. Jason says the most recent story that grabbed his heart was an idol graveyard in Thailand. He says, “It occurred to me that hundreds and even thousands of people had bowed down in front of these broken pieces of cement and pottery, stone or wood, and their cries had gone unheard.”

In Thailand there are about a million idols. Jason says, “In Chang Mai, in northern Thailand, there are many temples, wats, places where Buddhists come together publicly. So there’s a constant reminder of the pervading spiritual darkness. It’s difficult to walk a block without that spiritual reminder.”

According to Operation World, sharing Christ is a challenge. Most non-Christians say the Christian message is unintelligible. Contextualization–applying the Gospel and the truths of Scripture to the culture, has been lost in Thailand. Outreach experts say is vital to reaching a Buddhist culture, especially.

Jason says CommNet is doing that by building relationships with new friends and neighbors, and more help is needed. “There is such a desperate need here for the workers and for the people to be bathed in prayer. It’s quite amazing the things that can happen with the saints pray.”

While prayer partners are vital, they also need more workers. “Whether you’re a plumber, or physical therapist, or an English teacher, there is an opportunity for you to be involved in the story of what God is doing here.”

You can read more stories about CommNet,by going to It’s there you can also watch their video about the idol graveyard.

Jason is also encouraging you to visit the Pioneers Web site at to find a place where you can serve in East Asia, or another area around the world.

Idol Graveyard from CommNet Media on Vimeo.

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