Community outgrows need for ministry

By February 21, 2011

Uganda (MNN) — Food for the Hungry (FH) is rejoicing as they leave a community in Uganda.

It's not that FH is happy to leave Makhai; it's more that they're glad to no longer be needed. Just about every ministry that enters a community plans to leave it once it becomes self-sustaining. Leaving means the project has been a success.

When FH entered Makhai, the village was helpless and impoverished. Schooling was inconsistent as children spent much of their time tilling land, grazing livestock, and doing chores. When FH introduced the idea of developing the school in the community, very few adults or children seemed interested.

Today, no hint remains of the hopeless atmosphere that plagued Makhai a decade ago. The transformation that's taken place makes the community in 2000 nearly unrecognizable from its 2011 joy.

In 2000, one of FH's first steps was to try and develop interest in the school. The ministry quickly enrolled 50 of the most at-risk children in a care program. FH worked in other areas of the community within a year as well, providing support for two latrines built by the villagers.

By 2002, FH had made enough of an impact in the community to gain the support of 400 parents to develop the school. Over the next several years, FH was able to add a school office, six classrooms, teachers' quarters, a library block, a playground , a nursery school block, and a kitchen to the small school.

Furthermore, FH has helped the community develop an adult literacy class, a medical dispensary, saving and loan associations, and a church.

More important than anything else, the ministry has brought the truth and joy of Jesus Christ to Makhai, a fact evident on the faces of the villagers. See for yourself in this FH video.

After 10 years of nonstop progress in Makhai, the village is finally sustaining itself well enough for FH to pull out. The people of Makhai are grateful for all FH has done, but they are excited to stand on their own. Watch a short video of the community's celebration over their growth.

Pray that the community would continue to grow and to serve the Lord. If you would like to be a part of helping a community like Makhai gain hope and a future, visit today.

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