Compassion International affected by El Salvador rains

By October 20, 2011

El Salvador (MNN) — Rains continue to fall hard on Central America. The torrential rains have caused flooding and mudslides which have now accounted for as many as 84 deaths.

El Salvador has been hit perhaps harder than any neighboring nation. Bridges have collapsed, landslides have crushed homes, and floods have blocked roads.

Compassion International has not been spared.

Compassion has ten child development centers and one Child Survival Program center in regions of El Salvador currently experiencing mudslides. ES-896, ES-801, ES-749, ES-717, ES-874, ES-738, ES-752, ES-827, ES-861, ES-782 and ES-CS4 have all been affected.

So far, the homes of 35 Compassion-assisted children and one Child Survival Program family have been damaged. The families have been given food, clothing, mattresses, and construction materials to assist with their current needs.

Compassion staff will continue to assess the needs of the communities impacted as the storm evolves. If you sponsor a child through Compassion in El Salvador, do not panic. Compassion will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.

Keep these families in your prayers. Pray that they would cling to Christ during this devastating time. Pray that those who are believers would be witnesses for Christ to their neighbors in the way they respond to the disaster. Pray for guidance for Compassion staff as well.

Compassion International provides for the needs of 1.2 million children in 26 countries across the globe, telling each the Good News of Jesus Christ. To learn more about this ministry, visit

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