Compassion International hit hard by Hurricane Jeanne

By October 6, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — While Hurricane Jeanne is now but a memory, the people of Haiti can’t forget the devastation. The rains flooded the city of Goniaves, leaving 300,000 people homeless and more than 1,500 dead. Compassion International has work in the region and they were hit hard.

President of Compassion International Wes Stafford says, “We have a number of projects there and eight of them have been seriously affected. Eight projects for us is about 2,000 children and their families, which is a good portion of that community.”

Stafford says the water got up as high as 10 feet and because the city sits below sea level, the water is slow to recede. “There’s a level of desperation on these people’s faces that I’ve never seen, and I lived in Haiti for four years. This is a disaster on top of disaster.”

Your financial support becomes an enabling gift for Compassion International who is helping these children who have gone from being desperately poor, to hopelessly poor. Stafford says, “There’s no more powerful way to present the Gospel than to match up words and deeds. What Compassion has been doing for 30 years in Haiti, is equipping little churches to live out their faith in loving ways in the community, which gives them the credibility to speak their faith.” And, as a result many thousands of young people are coming to Christ.

$28 a month is all it takes to support a child with Compassion International. If you’d like to help sponsor a children or would like to help in a more profound way, go to their web site or call them in the U-S, 1-800-336-7676.

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