Compassion sponsored child lost in Haiti

By June 4, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — Compassion International says they’re trying to help the needy in Haiti, after a deadly flood ripped through the country. The death toll is estimated at 2,000. Compassion International has 13 projects in Haiti, considered the poorest in the Western hemisphere.

Ephraim Lindor is with Compassion International, Haiti. Lindor says roads have been damaged, making getting food and medical supplies in the region difficult at best. However, with the multi-national force in place, they’re now with the help of helicopters they’re able to provide food, medical and other supplies.

Compassion works in the most affected area. Lindor says, “Three projects have been deeply affected because four of our Compassion children have died in the flood. And, that is very sad.”

Lindor says they’re doing everything they can to help Compassion families. “We are collecting information to know exactly how many families have been affected. We want to know how many gardens, how many animals have been wiped way by the flood (so) we can address those needs through a program called, the Family Disaster Program,” says Lindor.

The flooding could have been much worse. Lindor says that could have an impact on evangelism. He says God intervened. “When we look at the situation in the southeast, we are very lucky that we only had four children who died. For sure, there will be several families who with think about God’s intervention and many of them will accept Christ because the Lord has protected them,” says Lindor.

The need for child sponsorships is needed even more now. Compassion International also needs funding for relief aid to help the many families who are in need. Go to their web site to get involved.

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