Compassion Sunday: a call to child sponsorship

By February 28, 2018

United States (MNN) – Compassion Sunday is right around the corner. If you don’t know what this day is, you’re probably not a sponsor of a Compassion child. But, if you care about the well-being of children living in impoverished situations, you might want to keep reading about this opportunity.

April 29 is the official date Compassion International sets aside for this annual event. All over the United States, Compassion sponsors will set up a booth, present to their church, and answer questions about Compassion’s child sponsorship program.

Matt Monberg of Compassion says, “Compassion Sunday is a sponsor-led movement to reach out and care for children living in poverty around the world. Compassion currently has over 1.8 million children that are part of our sponsorship program, all of whom are in a one-to-one sponsorship relationship with a caring family—Christian who wants to see the best for their life, to help truly release them from poverty in Jesus’ name.”

(Photo and header photo courtesy of Compassion International)

April 29th is an opportunity for sponsors to raise awareness of this program and gain more sponsors. And it turns out, the event has opened the eyes of other individuals to the life-changing impact they can have, too.

“Each year, we have about 2,500 sponsors who raise their hand and say that they want to be part of the Compassion Sunday movement. So, that’s 2,500 sponsors and 2,500 local churches across the country—there are events in all 50 states. And we typically on Compassion Sunday would see at least 13-15,000 new children sponsored from all of those events.”

So, if you’re a Compassion Sponsor and haven’t already signed up to host an event at your church, you might want to learn more, here. If you sign up, you’ll receive a planning guide as well as child profile packets. Many sponsors see this as a great opportunity to multiply their impact as they share about child sponsorship with their fellow congregants.

“When an individual in a church takes that packet home and chooses to sponsor a child, what they are doing is enabling that child to fully attend their local church and the development program that is run from their local church.”

However, if you feel like “breaking the rules” Monberg says it’s not a problem. Your church could host an event, even if there are no Compassion sponsors to lead it. And, you don’t have to hold the event on April 29th.

“It really can be done on any Sunday—it actually can be done on any day—and you don’t even really need to do it in a church. Most presentations are done in a church, but many people do it in a book club, a classroom, a small group, at their school. Really anywhere where you have people gathered together, you could host a Compassion Sunday event, receive child packets, and help speak up for children.”

So, keep your eyes open for a Compassion booth at your church Sunday April 29th, or ask your church leadership if there will be a Compassion Sunday host.

Why sponsorship?

Monberg says there’s a reason why so many sponsors get involved on Compassion Sunday. It’s because they are passionate about the spiritual and physical impact children are receiving through this program. From education to meals and medicine, children’s basic needs are met when they otherwise would go without.

(Photo courtesy of Compassion International)

“Sponsors are in a personal relationship with a child, but the results of that is that the opportunities available to that child open up dramatically. Children who are in our sponsorship program are more likely to become fulfilled adults. They’re more likely to have stable higher-paying employment. They’re more likely to finish school. They’re more likely to be leaders in their church and their community.”

Monberg encourages you to look at your own life and be inspired by how the Holy Spirit has blessed you. Child sponsorship is one way to pass those blessings on.

“Sponsorship becomes a way in which you’re helping a local church in that child’s context to provide those earthly needs while at the same time offering them the opportunity to hear the Gospel, the opportunity to respond to the Gospel, the opportunity to become a truly and wholly fulfilled adult.”

To sponsor a child, click here.

To learn more about Compassion Sunday, click here.

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