Completed project to touch up to 14 million lives

By March 13, 2012

Ghana (MNN) — Biblica has just wrapped up an Old
Testament translation project in Ghana that will give over 14 million people
access to the Bible in what is essentially the "Common tongue."

The Asante Twi full Bible translation is now complete
and ready for publishing. This is a
major step in church planting and discipleship movements because Asante Twi
is Ghana's major trade language. An
estimated 8.3 million people speak it as their primary language, and 6 million more speak it as a second language.

There are records that show the Bible had been translated into
about 22 African languages, including Ga, Twi (Akuapen and Fante), and
Ewe of Ghana in 1950. According to the
Joshua Project, there are 10 adequate Bibles and 18 New Testaments.   

Biblica Africa serves the African Church by
partnering with local churches and ministries to provide the Bible and biblical
resources in vernacular languages.

They're hoping to build on the momentum and
want to send out teams that will share the hope of Christ with children and
adults in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi,
Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Other teams will
continue work on 10 Bible translations.

This year, they're anticipating reaching
763,720 children and adults in 11 nations with the life-transforming power of
the Gospel.

Pray for resources so they may successfully
bring the Gospel to the people of Africa through these programs.

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