Computer failure delays Bible project.

By February 26, 2007

Asia (MNN) — Wycliffe
reports a major setback for a team working (in a sensitive area) on
an Asian Bible video.

The computer where they were storing the Old Testament
portion of the script just 'crashed', delaying the project's deadline.

The video project they're working on gives an overview of
the whole Bible.  Their original deadline
for the Old Testament scripts was the end of this month.  However, they're now faced with trying to
figure out if all the work is lost, or if some part of the project is

Wycliffe Associates is a ministry supporting the work of
Bible translation around the world.  AT
this point, there are more than 1,000 translators currently working on over 300
Bible translation projects in Asia.

There's still a long way to go to reach the Vision 2025 goal
of starting translations for the remaining 903 languages in this area by the
year 2025.

Please pray for protection over both the people and the
equipment in this project. Pray too, that this Bible video will soon be
available to the speakers of this language.

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