Conference helps Christians love Muslims

By September 27, 2011

USA (MNN) — Imagine 500 people gathering together to explore the world of Muslim ministry, encourage each other, and gain insight from world-renowned ministry leaders. This is what will take place at The Crescent Project Oasis Conference in Washington, DC, November 3-5.

What will you gain from attending the Oasis Conference? You'll receive practical training and answers to questions about outreach to Muslims, such as: How can we reach out in love to our Muslim neighbors? How can we clearly present the Gospel to Muslims without offending them? How can my congregation reach out to the Muslim community down the street? How can my student group reach out to Muslims on my campus?

You'll also receive helpful resources for equipping your church for Muslim outreach, seminars, classes, information on short-term trips, and small-group studies designed to mobilize your congregation.

As part of the conference, you'll visit a Mosque for Friday Prayers. In doing so, you'll gain perspective on the lives of American Muslims as you witness a Friday prayer service. You'll also get a chance to network with others who are involved in Muslim ministry.

The Oasis Conference will be held the Cherrydale Baptist Church just outside of Washington, DC. Click here for conference information.

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