Conference will step beyond definition to interpretation for Christian work

By April 24, 2008

USA (MNN) — August 14-16, 2008, speakers and attendees at the Transformational Development Conference will wrestle not just with what Christians are doing, but how they are doing it to help the world.

The conference, co-sponsored by Food for the Hungry and George Fox University, hopes to bring together a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary participants who want to wrestle with big questions.  

In an age that is pushing the idea that the end of extreme poverty is their goal, this conference will take a look at how to address more than just material poverty. It will dig
into how Christians can transform the world by transforming how they look at the world and the work they do, to see themselves as productive stewards who need to faithfully care for the earth and God's people and meet the underlying spiritual needs. 

This means moving beyond defining transformation and into interpreting transformation. It means defining the difference between secular aid and Christian holistic work.   

It will look not only at the types of activities Christians engage in to help the world, but the outcome of those activities; not only the motivation for those activities, but the operations behind them; and not only where Christians go, but the posture that they go with.

Key speakers will include Dr. Bryant Myers, Dr. Evvy Campbell, and Dr. Brian Fikkert. They
are also seeking Breakout Presentations from faculty and staff, and poster presentations from undergraduate students for the conference.   

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