Conflict intensifies along Sudan/South Sudan border

By April 24, 2012

Sudan (MNN) — Bombs are exploding as war continues to escalate between Sudan and South Sudan. Sudan's president declared war against the south last week.

Peter Howard with
Food for the Hungry reports that the heightened tensions have affected their programs. "The government of South Sudan told their communities — communities in which FH is working — [to have] their people dig fox holes so that when the bombings come, they can go in to those fox holes to get cover; but also the conflict gets too much, so people actually start fleeing or moving."

FH has been working in South Sudan for years. Howard describes their work. He says they're providing, "Emergency nutrition. Making sure children have enough food. Another thing we've been doing a lot of is psychosocial care, creating safe places for children to play, construction of schools, and cash for work programs."

The tensions, however, have caused additional problems. "There's been increasing movements of people who are trying to get away from conflict [and] move to safety."
The movement of people has created additional problems. "How do you help people who are fleeing? And then we have to make sure our staff is safe."

Howard it's creating other issues, too. "As conflict increases, food prices increase, and food becomes more scarce. So right now, the big concern is malnutrition…. There are concerns that malnutrition could increase by 50% in the coming weeks because of the challenge of getting food in and out of Sudan right now."

But, Howard says, the Gospel is making a difference. "We feel that being there and sharing the message — the Gospel of peace — is critically important. Our hope is that people not only will sense it physically and feel real peace, but also know the peace of Christ."
Prayer is most important, says Howard. You can also help financially. Click here and you help financially.

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