Conflict overshadows Christmas in Lebanon

By December 18, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — In 4 B.C., most Jews in Israel were waiting for a Messiah to deliver them from Roman oppression. Today, in neighboring Lebanon, “We are in the waiting season,” Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says.

“We’re living under this continuous tension and stress about what’s going to come. Is it (fighting) going to start in Beirut, or is it just staying in the South of Lebanon?”

Some analysts say Israel could soon turn its military attention away from Hamas in Gaza and toward Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

“Many people around us are living in the unknown and the fear of tomorrow; you have all the internally displaced people fleeing [the southern border],” creating a tense and sorrowful atmosphere, Nuna says.

Many people missed Jesus the first time He came because their attention was in the wrong place. Currently, TM Lebanon teams are directing people’s attention to the only thing that truly matters.

TM Lebanon staff packing Christmas goodie bags.
(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

“We call it a season of joy, so why not bring some joy?” Nuna says.

“We need to have people turn their eyes a little bit and see Christmas as a time of joy because our Savior is born.”

TM Lebanon teams travel to impoverished communities bearing hope and Good News.

“We have a small speaker, and we have Christmas songs in the background, and we say, ‘We’re celebrating Jesus; this is His birthday!’ We celebrate, and the joy is contagious,” Nuna says.

“The people are so tense. [Then,] suddenly, you see in their faces that something is happening, and you see a smile coming. The kids are smiling. The women are smiling, the older people are smiling, it is contagious.”

Pray that the friendships formed during this Christmas outreach will lead to deeper Gospel conversations. “The response [to this outreach] is always so positive,” Nuna says.

“Their response is like, ‘I want what you have. You have a peace or a joy that I want.’ That opens a door [to] discipleship.”



Header and story images courtesy of TM Lebanon.

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