Congregations help believers affected by floods

By September 3, 2015

Myanmar (GFA) — As thousands in Myanmar remain displaced following catastrophic flooding, Gospel for Asia-supported pastors and the believers in their congregations are providing relief to flood victims who are still in desperate need of food, clean water and shelter.

Photo Courtesy Gospel for Asia

(Photo courtesy Gospel for Asia)

Twenty-seven Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries, led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Linn Myaing, serve in one of the worst-affected areas of Myanmar. In this region, thousands of people are suffering after floods took lives, destroyed homes, and washed away thousands of acres of cropland. Many people are now staying in church buildings, town halls, or relatives’ homes. The destruction displaced many believers in churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastors.

Believers Bring Relief, Help and Encouragement

In one town, all 13 families in a congregation led by a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor had to flee the floodwaters, and their church building was inundated. On August 13 and 14, young people from a nearby church provided food for these flood victims, cleaned the church, and worked on rebuilding houses. Three families have been able to return home so far.

Photo Courtesy Gospel for Asia

(Photo courtesy Gospel for Asia)

In another village, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor leads a congregation of 18 families. Twelve of those families are staying in a flood-relief camp. On August 15, Pastor Linn Myaing and believers from another church assisted the affected congregation by providing food, working to rebuild houses, and donating some money. They also prayed for and encouraged the believers with the promises of God’s Word.

“We are so blessed and thankful to you for not forgetting us,” shared the elder of the struggling congregation.

In another village, eight families belonging to a church led by a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor lost their rice fields.

“I have sent them my encouragement and prayer,” reports Pastor Linn Myaing, “and also we are planning to provide assistance soon to them.”

Community Needs Assistance

In another region of Myanmar, a landslide has destroyed houses, roads, bridges, and farmland.

Photo Courtesy Gospel for Asia

(Photo courtesy Gospel for Asia)

“The price of rice is too expensive because roads and bridges are being blocked,” reported a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor in this area. “Electric lines are totally cut off in some places, and there is very limited phone service. Therefore, we cannot travel or visit our church members in different villages due to the landslide. Three families of our church members…are staying with their relatives, as their houses are in danger of collapsing. At the same time, some of our church members in [a] village are struggling for their survival, as the price of rice, oil, salt, etc., is so high now.”

Remember the flood victims, and pray that they’ll experience and embrace the hope found in Christ during this time. Ask God to strengthen relief teams and allow them to reach more villages. Some villages have been blocked off, and its hard for the teams to reach them with provisions. Pray that as the flood victims rebuild their lives, homes, and church buildings, they will stay safe and strong. They also need protection from landslides and waterborne diseases.

You can also help by getting connected right here. As the flood leaves a lasting impact, keep the volunteers and victims in your prayers.

(Story courtesy Gospel for Asia. Read the original article here.)

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    The best mission organization I ever came across who reach the most needy and unreached people in Asia. There projects are awesome and heart touching. May God bless them and use them more than ever before.

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