Connect with less-reached people in the US

By July 13, 2021

USA (MNN) — About one-third of people on Earth have no or little access to the Good news of Jesus. Read more about the A Third of Us movement here.

Many of these people live in the United States. Bonnie with Global Disciples says, “For years, the church has viewed missions as being out there, on the other side of the world. But as we know, the least reached are coming to the United States. And the least reached are really everywhere. We have a great opportunity to get involved and to reach out. There are many people that just are not aware of how many unreached people are in their neighborhoods.” Read more in the Global Disciples article below.

The Least-reached in Our Backyard (1)[25917]

Connecting with immigrants

Many Americans feel uncomfortable approaching immigrant families or communities. They may feel intimidated by different cultures or languages. But Bonnie says, “I really want to encourage people to not be afraid. Anyone who comes to the United States is starting their life from scratch. They really desire friendships, and they really desire relationships with people. Most people are very open. And they are just waiting for someone to reach out and offer a friendship or offer hospitality.”

Most importantly, be praying. Ask God to guide you about how to get involved. Bonnie suggests volunteering with organizations that help refugees. She got started by hosting a family from the Middle East in her home for several weeks.



Header photo courtesy of Global Disciples on Facebook. 

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