Construction teams needed to help translate Scripture

By December 9, 2004

International (MNN) — Four missionary schools need help in four countries of the world to make sure Bible translators can stay on the field. Wycliffe Associates provides support services for Bible translation teams all over the world. One of the key resources is educational facilities for their children.

Wycliffe Associates’ Bruce Smith says they’re recruiting volunteer construction teams to help. “One of the dynamics we’re coping with in recent days is just the relocation of missionaries from areas where security has become a little bit more tenuous, (and moving them) into other areas. And so, we’re making some additions and renovations to some facilities to make sure that the educational needs of the kids can be met, so that parents can stay in the field and do the translation work.”

Smith says questionable education for missionaries kids is a big concern for parents in the field. “If they can’t meet their children’s education needs, unfortunately they sometimes find themselves having to come home in order to get those needs met. So, by investing in this kind of resource we can actually sustain and accelerate Bible translation around the world.” 300 to 400 language projects could be affected by your help.

Wycliffe has staff that are acting as construction managers of each project until the projects are completed. Smith says this gives you more flexibility in going to help. “Whatever season that they’re available, we can receive them when they’re ready. They can stay two weeks, two months, however long the project is, and we support them with logistics, housing, food, travel planning, all those kinds of things, to enable this project to come together.”

Construction volunteers are needed in the Philippines, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Africa. Go to our short-term missions web site, and do a search for Wycliffe Associates to get more information about these opportunities.

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