Container to bless school in Uganda

By July 21, 2015

ECM07-21-15bUganda (MNN) — AFAYO means “He cares” in the language of Lusoga. In Uganda, Christ’s love is needed. Every Child Ministries understands this and started the AFAYO Project to bless a school in Uganda, and ultimately the community.

The work of Every Child Ministries is compelled by helping the poorest of the poor, the neediest of the needy. AFAYO uses village schools as an avenue for reaching out to communities with the love of Jesus. Through the school, ECM can reach out not only to the teachers and students, but also to the church, the parents, the orphans, village leadership, and ultimately, the entire community.

ECM just sent a container full of supplies to Uganda. ECM’s Bruce Coker says, “They received tables, desks, books, charts used in the classroom, and some medical supplies. There’s clothing in the container, backpacks, pencils, crayons, and paper.”

Bruce and Janine Coker.

Bruce and Janine Coker.

Coker tells us, “It’s working through the schools and the church in a community, which is Naigobya. We’re trying to spread the love of Christ and to help them to understand how they can have a relationship with Christ. But it’s working through the schools, so we’re also trying to implement Christ into the classroom.”

While the supplies are important, it’s interacting with teachers that’s most important. Coker says, “What we’re doing is teaching the Bible studies to the teachers and helping them understand their role as a teacher in a Christian school. [It’s important to] communicate that to various ages, which is much easier for them to do on a daily basis.”

The goal is to meet physical and spiritual needs, but ECM is also working to teach self-sustainability. We’re trying to teach them to become independent. Right now and in the beginning, they were very dependent on AFAYO. Well, now we’re helping them understand that by earning money and earning and making things, you’re able to rely on yourself.”

ECM07-21-15aCoker says many people have come to Christ because of not only the physical help, but the Bible studies, discipleship, mentorship, and other activities. “The community has seen all the change that’s happening in Naigobya, so we’re being asked to step out and deeper into different villages. Our first job is to reach this community strongly before we start stepping out and extending ourselves.”

You can support ECM’s work in Naigobya through prayer, as well as financially. “We help support the teachers’ salary, pay for food, and the [tuition] fees for orphans and other needy children.”

If you’d like to help, click here.

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  • I appreciate the work that is being done so far by CEM. I am working with Solarwave(U)Ltd a Swedish based company that deals in supplying and installing water purification systems. I would want to work with you to help the poor schools access clean water for drinking. We would work with any volunteers to install such purifiers to needy community. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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