Containers of books headed to Zambia and Belize

By May 30, 2018

International (MNN) — Mission Cry just sent one shipping container to Belize and another to Zambia. But what makes these massive crates so special?

“Those are filled with about a half million dollars worth of used Bibles and Christian books ranging anywhere from Bibles to seminary books by Christian authors for Christian education, and those are sent around the world for free distribution.”

Preparing the Belize container (Mission Cry)

Jason Woolford of Mission Cry has been working with Mission Cry, donors in the United States, and on-the-ground missions organizations around the globe to put Christian literature in the hands of believers desperate for a closer relationship with God. Their goals have been high, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to reach.

Take their Belize project. Last year, Woolford announced that Mission Cry wanted to have enough Bibles and books to put one in every home in the entire country of Belize. Thanks to donations and contributions, they were able to meet their goal. The first container recently landed, and a large turnout from the local community helped unload the books.

“Last year when we were in Belize we had 700 people waiting in a line for two and a half hours to get a used Bible that had markings and writing in it,” Woolford says. “When they got it, some of them cried, some of them fell to their knees, and children rejoiced. This is a real need that’s being met.”

But where is the need coming from? Some of the most excited book recipients are Christians who were touched by missionaries but then left with only a taste of what God has to offer. Now, they’re looking to build a deeper relationship with Christ.

“A lot of times, people have been reached by Christianity but they don’t have a full understanding of who God is, so we’re giving them that ability,” Woolford says. “When you ask Jesus into your life, you are a part of Him, but then you need to learn about Him and be in relationship with Him, and that only comes by reading the Word.”

The Zambia container (Photo Courtesy Mission Cry)

That’s why Mission Cry is taking on this task. “We are enabling Bible colleges, seminaries, evangelists, missionaries and even secular libraries, giving them the tools they need to go out and reach people,” Woolford says. “Some of them have to choose between feeding their family or buying a Bible, so we’re partnering with them to give them this opportunity for free.”

But they can’t do this alone. They’re working with Bible schools like the one that will be receiving the container in Zambia, churches that come together to provide Mission Cry with the resources they need, and individuals who have been moved to give.

If you want to join in, a three month Bible drive beginning in June might be right for you. Don’t want to wait? There are plenty of ways you can help make sure Mission Cry has another container ready very soon.

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