Containers in limbo in the Philippines

By November 20, 2014
Limbo in the Philippines
Limbo in the Philippines

CRI says their six containers are in limbo in the Philippines.

Philippines (MNN) — On the heels of a ministry’s largest outreach ever, it is facing challenges in the Philippines.

Christians Resources International is a ministry that takes gently-used Bibles and Christian books and sends them to Christians requesting those resources. Earlier this fall, Christians Resources International traveled to the Philippines to hold pastors’ conferences, host a Christian concert/evangelistic meeting, and establish a literature distribution center there.

Christian Resources International Executive Director Jason Woolford says, “Our goal was to send [resources worth] $3 million (6 sea containers filled with Bibles and Christian books) for free, to just bless the people of the Philippines.”

4,000 people attended the concert held by CRI, and hundreds attended the pastoral training. Each attender was promised a Bible and Christian book. However, things didn’t quite go according to plan, Woolford says. “The problem that we’re having is that those containers are being held up in the port for multiple reasons.”

Woolford adds, “We have containers that are being looked through. They opened 2,400 boxes to make sure that what we said was in there was in there, and they’re charging us for that.”

That means the distribution centers have no Bibles, no books, and thousands of Christians who were promised resources are still waiting.

Woolford isn’t discouraged, though. “I’m actually excited about it. I think people listening should be, as well, because if the enemy is trying to stop it or slow it down, we know that the impact is going to be profound.”

CRI sends containers all around the world, not just to the Philippines. “We’ve sent $272 million worth of Bibles and Christian books to over 170 nations.”

To keep doing that, CRI needs your support. They could use your used Bibles and Christian books, as well as funding for the cost of shipping them. Whether you help by being a Book Missionary at $27 a month, or sponsoring an entire container at $10,900, you can have a huge impact. “When [you’re] a part of sponsoring that container, you’re sending nearly a half-million dollars worth of Bibles and Christian books.”

Each $1 invested actually turns into $35 worth of impact.

Woolford says many containers are waiting to be sponsored in response to requests from various locations around the world. To make your donation, go to

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