Continued growth poses challenges but creates excitement.

By June 8, 2006

Africa (MNN) — The aviation branch of Africa Inland Mission, AIM-AIR, has expanded significantly in recent years, adding new aircraft and stretching into new ministry areas.

This growth has stretched AIM-AIR teams as they serve missionaries, churches and relief workers with over 60 organizations and church groups in nine African countries. Pilots maintain busy schedules transporting people and supplies, and mechanics see to it that the planes are in top condition. All the while, their goal is to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation to help further the work of the Gospel.

The cost of aviation gas (AV gas) continues to rise and it’s found only in limited supply in Africa. Turbine powered aircraft, such as the Cessna Caravan which uses jet fuel, are the key to continued operations there.

That’s why AIM-AIR is raising money to add another Cessna Caravan to its fleet of aircraft, which will impact work in Sudan and Eastern Congo. They have raised $300,000 toward the goal of $850,000.

Pray for continued safety, ministry effectiveness and wisdom as they seek opportunities to expand. If you’d like to help contribute to AIM-AIR’s work in Africa, contact them through their information listed below.

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