Convention attendees hear a message of revival

By April 2, 2008

Ireland (MNN) — Evangelist Sammy Tippit was one of two keynote speakers this year at the Bangor Convention in Northern Ireland. 

The convention is decades old and known for its history of Biblical exposition and for sparking moves of God through Ireland and Scotland. This year it was held at Hamilton Road Presbyterian
Church during the day and drew believers from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and England. Monday's service filled so fast that the doors of the church had to be closed 15 minutes before the event started because the house was already full.    

The messages from the two speakers went hand in hand: one on being filled with the Holy Spirit and the other on personal revival. Tippit shared his own story of the personal revival he's seen in the last nine months. 

The "Youth Mix" at night drew in the younger generation and was held after the main service of the day. Tippit shared about his early Christian walk and revival that he experienced along the way. Many youth made first-time commitments to Christ. One girl who is a missionary's daughter said that of all the conventions she's been to, this onewas unlike all of them. 

Overall, there was a great response to the messages, and many people communicated the need to surrender their lives to God. 

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