Cornerstone holds 7th annual ESL conference

By March 21, 2008

USA (MNN) — Many churches and mission organization are teaching English as second language as a way of reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cornerstone University specializes in that. This year, they're holding their 7th annual TESOL Conference to help Christians be more effective in their ministry.

Doctor Michael Pasquale heads up CU's TESOL program at the University. "The theme of the conference this year is teaching English with cultural intelligence. (We want) to (help them) be more aware of cultural learning styles of students. We'll have workshops for church based ESL teachers."

According to Pasquale, it's important to structure a class based on those styles of learning. "In the United States, we tend to favor more of a relaxed style, where the teacher is a friend to the student, which is fine. But in other cultures, a teacher has a very elevated status." So it's important to form a class with that cultural difference in mind.

He says this type of conference is needed because more and more churches are starting programs. "I think churches are seeing that no matter where you go, there's diversity. And English is kind of a common interest around the world. People want to learn English, so churches are kind of matching a need that they see and the desire to reach out their community. And this has been a great tool."

The one-day conference will feature Dr. David Livermore from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Workshops will include: working with migrant workers, other ideas to expand church-based ESL ministries, plus resources will be available for purchase.

The conference will be held Saturday, April 19 at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Click here for registration and other information.


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