Cornerstone’s TESL Conference Helps Churches

By March 13, 2007

United States (MNN) — Cornerstone University is hosting the 6th annual Teaching English as a Second Language Conference.  The conference will last from 9 a.m. to 3p.m.  Saturday, March 31.  This year the focus is English pronunciation.

The focus of this conference is to help those in churches to reach out to people who do not have English as their primary language.  Conference coordinator Professor Michael Pasquale said, "We want to network those that are involved in what could be a small ministry or a large ministry, but those that are using English as an outreach ministry.  And that could look
like so many different things to so many different churches but you get great ideas, you get some support, and help, and fresh ideas."

Laura Hahn from University of Illinois will be the lead speaker for the conference is an expert on English pronunciation.  There will also be interactive stations that include curriculum for churches, training for tutors, an exchange of lesson plans, and legal issues. 

The reach and diversity of this ministry is great.  The people reached are specific to the location and community of the church, whether they are migrant workers, college students, or professionals.  "Not every program is the same and in some ways not one size fits all," Pasquale said. 

"You're doing cross-cultural missions right in your backyard and seeing people come to Christ is really exciting," said Pasquale.  TESL ministry bridges the gap and therefore enablesChristians to create relationships with those who don't speak English.

Cornerstone's program is unique in that it focuses on helping churches specifically.  "Because churches rely on non-professional TESL teachers very much and what we say is say ‘Let's do it to the best that you can, let's give you some training and help, and see your church bring people to the Lord and help them grow."

Those who are reached may not have been able to be reached in their home-country.  Now that they are in the U-S they are more open to Christians who show them kindness. 

You can register online or print off the form and send it

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