Coronavirus containment can’t stop Gospel work in Nepal

By April 24, 2020

Nepal (MNN) — Today marks one month since a nationwide lockdown began in Nepal. The borders are closed and there’s no domestic or international travel allowed Only five COVID-19 cases have been confirmed so far in Nepal, but authorities strictly maintain and enforce the restrictions. See our full pandemic coverage here.

A woman with her child at the medical shop during lockdown in Rajbiraj, Nepal. (Photo, caption courtesy of Bijay Chaurasia via Wikimedia Commons)

The good news? COVID-19 containment isn’t stopping Gospel work. In fact, “something that might possibly slow things down has actually speeded up the project,” says Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries.

In February, Keys for Kids teamed up with Good News Nepal to translate Keys for Kids resources into Nepali.  Today, lockdown measures help their translator get more done. “He has actually had more time now to be at the computer and continue to translate a year’s worth of daily stories; that’s been a real blessing,” Good News Nepal’s David Kapteyn says.

From print to radio

As described here, translating Keys for Kids text from English to Nepali is the first of a multi-step process. Increased focus and availability provided by Nepal’s lockdown allowed the translator to complete work through June. When the text is completely finished, Keys for Kids and Good News Nepal hope to start on audio recordings.

Radio holds large-scale potential to reach Nepali families for Christ.  “We have 17 FM stations that broadcast the evangelistic message of Jesus Christ all over Northwest Nepal,” Kapteyn explains.

“We do not use Christian radio stations; we use Hindu stations, and they’re more than happy – through the Holy Spirit’s guidance – to broadcast our evangelistic messages.”

People in the former Hindu kingdom quickly respond as they hear the Gospel over the airwaves. “Last summer, we were getting calls from people who wanted to become Christians or ask questions [about Christianity],” Kapteyn shares.

“We’ve even penetrated the army through the use of radio. The army of Nepal is strictly Hindu; they worship their own guns. Nobody said it was possible, but we know anything is possible with God.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration between Keys for Kids and Good News Nepal extends beyond the actual work of this project. They’re both actively raising support to cover the costs involved with getting this critical work off the ground. Keys for Kids’ $100,000 matching grant doubles your impact through May 15; click here to give online.

Most importantly, pray. Use the prompts listed alongside this article, and pray into the global coronavirus crisis here.



Header image obtained via Wikimedia Commons.

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