The cost of redeeming love

By March 28, 2016

Africa (MNN) — The ultimate example of redeeming love took place on Golgotha thousands of years ago. Today, Christ-followers are experiencing sacrifice, perseverance, and redeeming love in their own lives.

(Representative photo courtesy BGR)

(Representative photo courtesy BGR)

Take “Rebecca,” for example. According to Baptist Global Response (BGR), this believer in Africa found herself struggling when her husband abandoned her. Without warning, Rebecca was left to support herself and their children.

To top it off, the family became less than nothing in the eyes of Rebecca’s sister-in-law, “Alice.”

In the coming days, though, Alice would unexpectedly find herself in the cross-hairs of redeeming love–and Rebecca would face a difficult choice.

According to, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 lack access to a toilet. Water-related diseases affect more than 1.5 billion people every year, and the problem is especially immense in Africa.

On any given day in sub-Saharan Africa, over 50% of hospital beds are filled with water-related or hygiene-related illnesses.

Through its Clean Water initiative, BGR and its partners strive to give communities clean drinking water and proper sanitary facilities. By distributing water filters, drilling wells, building latrines, and offering sanitation training, BGR helps communities throughout the continent.

In fact, it was a BGR water filter that helped “bridge the gap” between Alice and Rebecca.

When Alice became terribly sick, she had few people to turn to. In desperation, she turned to the woman she had mocked and degraded–her former sister-in-law, Rebecca. This presented Rebecca with an opportunity for revenge; she could have easily let Alice suffer.

Instead, redeeming love won the day.

BGR_redeeming love

(Representative photo courtesy BGR)

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Rebecca began helping Alice. Not only did Rebecca forgive Alice, she gave her housing, food, and clean water from a BGR filter. Women from Rebecca’s church also gave Alice a BGR Hospice Kit containing items like bed sheets, socks, and lotion.

The process is ongoing, but at each step Rebecca is telling Alice about Christ and demonstrating His compassion. By partnering with BGR, you can play a part in another redemption story.

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