Countdown for 865 film translations

By December 30, 2011

International (MNN) — Being a good steward of what God has has given them is a huge priority at The JESUS Film Project . When we talk about 'stewardship' you may think we're talking about finances. That's true, but we're also talking about the stewardship of resources God has gifted them with — the "JESUS" Story of Jesus for Children, Magdalena: Through Her Eyes, printed material and more. Because The JESUS Film Project provides these resources to many ministries, that's allowing other ministries to have an effective impact for Christ.

Case in point — The JESUS Film Harvest Partners, a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene. They're now ranked second by Return On Investment Ministry’s Top 10 list, a ranking of evangelistic organizations with eternal impact per honor dollar. If they had to create these resources on their own, can you imagine the cost?

Since JESUS Film Project’s founding in 1979, 200 million people have come to know Christ as a direct result of their outreach showing the “JESUS” film in 1,120 different languages. Thousands of ministries are using the film to share Christ with the masses.

It’s no surprise that Pastor Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life," says, “The ‘JESUS’ film is the most effective evangelistic tool ever invented.”

Now, with 2012 coming upon us, JESUS Film Project is looking at what they do to get such a powerful tool as the “JESUS” film into the hands of more unreached people.

Mission 865 outlines the goal of JESUS Film Project to reach the 865 languages left in the world without a translation of the “JESUS” film. Those 865 languages represent 290 million unreached people.

Over the course of next year, this ministry plans on either beginning or finishing translation of the “JESUS” film into 65 of those languages.

JESUS Film Project is also working on a translation method that will let partners make “single voice translations” of “JESUS” on their own. This new method will help them pick up the pace.

As always, funding is a major factor that can stand in the way of a translation more than anything else. It costs $38,000 to produce one lip-sync translation of “JESUS.” Getting involved in this ministry through donation, you can be confident that you are truly having eternal impact. To support The JESUS Film Project, click here.

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