Countdown to Compassion

By December 23, 2009

International (MNN) — Countdown
to Compassion is a Global Aid Network campaign to give to those in need at
Christmastime. Gifts of many sizes are
needed to share God's love with people by providing for their material
needs. Charles Debter, GAiN's Director
of Communications, said the Christmas season is a great time to give in this

"We are in the Advent Season, a
time when everyone is preparing to celebrate the Incarnation, God's coming with
Compassion to us in Christ," he explained. "And this can also be a time when the Body of Christ reaches out with
compassion, showing the gratitude to the Lord for all He has done. 

"That can be done on the local
level…but the Compassion of Christ can also be shown on the global
international level. And Global Aid
Network is reaching out around the world with the good news of Christ combined
with compassion and aid, and that's what Countdown to Compassion is all about."

campaign will support a number of different ministries. One ministry in Epwoth, Zimbabwe is led by a
Christian woman named Lucy Gunguwo. Many
women in her community have been widowed by HIV-AIDS and frequently turn to
prostitution in order to survive. Several months ago, Gunguwo began providing meals for 15 of these women and
sharing the Gospel with them.   

food had been given by Global Aid Network," Debter explained. "And as Lucy reached out with that food, she
also shared the Gospel message. Women
began to give their lives to Christ…and now this ministry has grown, in a short
time, from about 15 women to about 3,000." 

also helps women who desire to break free from prostitution. As her ministry continues to grow, she needs
help. Countdown to Compassion will help
support her work. 

Your gift of ten cents can provide a
nutritious meal for a needy woman or child. $3 would ship a pair of shoes to another country. Donations from complete strangers on the other side of the world can make a huge impact in the lives of people like one little boy in Zimbabwe who came to GAiN for help.

"His clothing was tattered in
shreds, and his feet were also cut," Debter said. "But we were able to provide him with a pair
of shoes and the hope of life in Christ. To see the brightness on his face, and to
see that his life–an individual child–could be helped was so encouraging." 

GAiN partners with a number of
local churches and ministries to follow up with, disciple, and welcome into a
church body people who receive assistance or respond to evangelism. 

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