Counter-culture broadcasting helps the Middle East conflict

By January 22, 2009

Israel (MNN) — Israel finished pulling its forces out of the Gaza Strip, but troops remain on the border should the 3-day ceasefire with Hamas falter.

In the mean time SAT-7, Christian satellite television for North Africa and the Middle East, is broadcasting the message of peace. "SAT-7 wants to serve as a peacemaker, or at least encourage people to be peacemakers."

That's why they've been airing prayers as part of their "Peace Amidst Violence" campaign. "We're encouraging people to find that Christ is the only answer for peace. He's the only way you can really have peace. We're also encouraging people to be peacemakers because one person can make a difference."

SAT-7's David Harder says that contradicts the culture. "We are broadcasting an alternative to many of the messages that are out there, which are: 'keep fighting,' 'take revenge,' 'do evil to those who do evil to you.' But SAT-7 stands for something different. We want to be peacemakers. And we know that's only possible when Jesus comes into someone's heart and changes them."

The programming presents the viewers an alternative to the culture.

Supporting this ministry is key to seeing the program succeed. Harder says your money is multiplied. "That dollar that you give may be reaching someone who lives in a Bedouin tent, who is using a car battery to power their satellite dish, and they may never, ever meet a Christian. But by flipping through that channel, they can land on SAT-7, and that may change that person's life."

If you'd like to help SAT-7 be a peacemaker in the Middle East and North Africa, click here.

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