Couple serving in Mexico going ‘green’

By October 15, 2012

Mexico (MNN) — Building strong, deep relationships is how Pete and Liesl Hypki, partners of New Tribes Mission, are praying they will impact the Nahuatl people in Mexico.

After only being with the Nahuatl people for less than a year, the Hypki family share experiences with them such as hunting mushrooms, cleaning cornfields, and their newest endeavor, planting trees. 

When Pete’s language co-worker, Juan, informed him that language training would have to be delayed due to planting trees, he jumped at the opportunity to participate in this cultural event.   

Part of the efforts going toward conservation of the mountains was planting new trees. “Each adult in the village was given 40 pine saplings to plant and was told they would be paid for doing the work after it was inspected.”  

Dressed in traditional bright colors, hundreds of the Nahuatl people set out for the surrounding hills to plant new trees. Pete, along with Juan and his family, finished planting 80 saplings and then sat under a big tree and visited. 

This opportunity was not seen as a setback in his language training, but rather valuable time spent investing his life in the lives of the Nahuatl people. The team that is ministering to the people look forward to the day when he and his wife can share the life of Christ with the Nahuatl people in their own language.

Prayer is a key to the Hypki’s ministry. Remember Pete and Liesl as they learn the Nahuatl language. Pray that they will continue to show Christ’s love to their language helpers as the team learns the language. Also pray for the continued relationships with the Nahuatl people, and that their daily walk with the Lord would show through their lives to the Nahuatl people.  

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