Court case has major impact on Hopegivers work

By August 25, 2006

India (MNN) — It’s been two weeks since the High Court in India allowed Hopegivers International to resume the Emmanuel Mission’s outreaches in Rajasthan, India. However, the six month legal fight has been costly to their hospital, orphanages, churches and schools. That’s the message from Hopegivers founder, MA Thomas in a message to supporters.

“It is true the damage which was brought to the ministries is irreparable by us,” says Thomas. “Only God can heal it. Whatever we may be able to do, it would be only patchwork. But, when God does it, it will be totally new. He can double it or triple it by a simple word from His mouth. His one word created everything and He can remove every trial from Emmanuel.”

That’s what many are praying for today. The legal fight has caused many problems, especially with the July 1 start of school, says Hopegiver’s Chief Operating Officer Michael Glenn. “(For) many of the children, there wasn’t a place to go to, or uncertainty, so they had to go and register with other schools. And, that has (had) a big impact on us financially as well. Many of our people had to borrow money. Some of our leaders were even jailed because they couldn’t pay the bills.”

However, not one orphanage or Bible Institute was closed and the persecution, it only unified believers in Kota, says Thomas.

Glenn says the number of people affected by this legal fight has been incredible. “You’re talking literally thousands. We’ve started over 20,000 churches there. You’re looking at close to 200 orphanages and 10,000 children and an operating hospital.”

They’re all working now, but the legal fees continue to be a burden, says Glenn. “Every time they would make one trip, an appearance before the court system it would be something like $8,000 plus travel expenses. So, something like that it has a devastating impact.”

However, Hopegivers plans to continue helping the children and protecting their children. “We’re not going to take food and medicine or anything away from our children. So, we’re looking at ways we can guard that. We’ve had people support the legal defense fund.”

Hopegivers faces one more court hurdle in November.

The bottom line is funding is needed to help replenish their bank accounts to help with their legal defense and their many programs, like their orphanage. $1 a day can help support an child for a full year. Your support provides food, clothing, education and most importantly, God’s Word.

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