Court sentences Christmas Day bomber

By December 24, 2013
(Image courtesy Open Doors USA)

(Image courtesy Open Doors USA)

Nigeria (MNN) — According to a recent Associated Press report, a Boko Haram mastermind is getting life in prison for his terrorist activities.

Earlier this year, a Nigerian court found Kabiru Sokoto guilty of terrorism and murder. Reuters says he received a life sentence for plotting a failed July 2011 attack in the northwestern city of Sokoto, in addition to a 10-year sentence for failing to inform authorities of the Christmas attack on a Catholic Church.

Sokoto was initially thought to be the “mastermind” behind the Christmas Day bombing, but prosecutors could only prove that he failed to tell police the attack was going to happen.

Boko Haram attacks contribute greatly to Nigeria’s #13 spot on the Open Doors World Watch List, a ranking of countries where persecution is most severe. Since 2009, the terror sect has been trying to wipe out Christians in northern Nigeria and create a purely Islamic state.

Pray that Sokoto’s sentencing will not trigger more persecution against Christians.

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