COVID-19 brings the global Church into new digital spaces

By April 21, 2020

International (MNN) – Having a digital presence is more important for churches than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. While churchgoers remain separated, the global church is still present online.

Many churches are still adjusting to an increasingly digital existence as church services are posted online. Other ministries have already embraced an online presence that is helping connect church members to new resources.

Sammy Tippit from Sammy Tippit Ministries says that they have witnessed amazing growth and revival through online spaces. Fortunately, Sammy Tippit Ministries evangelical programs and resources were created to be easily found online.

Recently, over 300,000 people watched a conference from Brazil hosted online by Sammy Tippit Ministries. The ministry is in the process of planning and hosting more online conferences for churches worldwide.

“I really feel like the Lord is wanting to do something and … send a revival. And we’re already seeing it happen,” Tippit says.

Churches Adjust to Digital Platforms

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But not every church or ministry developed such a robust digital presence, and many are struggling to adjust.

Tippit explains that many churches had some presence online but nothing they had fully developed.

“I think we can take this whole digital thing and come up with a strategy that will enhance our physically getting together. We can go deeper, we can provide things that will help people to grow in their faith.” Tippit says.

Creating a digital strategy will benefit churches for years if they mesh in-person gatherings with online resources. “I’m hoping that out of [COVID-19] that churches will begin to look at the whole digital world in a little bit of a different way,” Tippit adds.

The Body of Christ Online

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Social distancing leaves many churches separated physically, but digital spaces are giving church members the opportunity to connect socially.

Tippit says, “God has blessed us in this generation at this particular moment in history. We have the ability to be apart physically but still interact socially.”

“We have an opportunity in a different form to… really interact on a different basis.”

The two biggest ways to support the Sammy Tippit Ministries is prayer and donations. Like many ministry organizations, COVID-19 is putting financial strain on Sammy Tippit Ministries.

Click here to donate. You can also connect with Sammy Tippit Ministries here to get involved.

COVID-19 is also opening new doors for the Gospel in many parts of the world. Pray for Sammy Tippit Ministries and other ministries to reach open hearts to God’s Word.

Tippit says, “Pray that God would use this to bring revival to His people and bring many people into His Kingdom.”



Header photo courtesy of Andrew Neel via Unsplash.

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