COVID-19 economic fallout means ministry donors are more important than ever

By November 30, 2020
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USA (MNN) — As many Americans have faced financial struggles due to the pandemic, Set Free Ministries remains grateful for those who support them through sacrificial giving.

Nonprofits across the country have suffered from the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic. With donations falling, many nonprofits have been forced to cut jobs or close altogether. Though many hold out hope for congressional aid, ultimately most nonprofits continue to rely heavily on donor support in these difficult times.

This is as true for Set Free Ministries as it is for other nonprofits. The ministry has what Dean Vander Mey calls the “time, talent, and treasure principle.” This strategy has been an important guiding philosophy during the pandemic when the ministry decided to begin helping people virtually.

“Our volunteers, who have time and talent, stepped up, and they became the heartbeat of the ministry, helping people out from their homes and getting on zoom calls,” Vander Mey says. “It’s really been a remarkable year when it comes to the time and talent piece.”

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With the difficult state most nonprofits have found themselves in across the country, Vander Mey knows Set Free has been blessed with the treasure portion as well.

“We’ve seen amazing things happen this year. We had a 25th-anniversary celebration, and we raised probably 50% more money than we’ve ever raised in 25 years. We wouldn’t exist without the faithful donors of Set Free who give time, talent, and treasure,” he says.

How Giving Helps

Vander Mey explains that Set Free works with its donors through Barnabas Ministries to be creative with giving and make wise financial moves along the way. These donations are crucial in supporting this ministry that never charges anyone for the help they give.

“Our goal is to give back to others, not only in this community but globally. We have thousands and thousands of students overseas who are in several Christian schools that we have built and sponsored. We’re currently building a new high school in Uganda where 2,000 youth that would have never been able to afford a Christian education are going [attend],” Vander Mey says.

“When you give to us, our intent is to give back to the community and to give to others. You’re going to get a pretty big bang for your buck when you give to Set Free Ministries because a lot of the money goes directly into the hands of other people.”

Need for Prayer

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In addition to financial support, Vander Mey asks for prayer for the ministry as the new year approaches but many struggles from 2020 will likely remain.

“Pray for health for our staff and volunteers, and also pray for endurance. We’ve had an amazing influx of calls from all over the world, and we’re probably at 50% more freedom appointments than we’ve ever had in the history of our US operations,” he says.

“We live in uncertain days right now. There’s a lot of anger. There’s a lot of rage. There’s a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear, and we’re trying to refocus and get people refocused on the Master. If Jesus is in our boat, we don’t have to panic.”



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