COVID-19 or UPGs: which weighs heavier on your heart?

By February 10, 2021
Unreached praying to Buddha

International (MNN) — In the U.S., the number of new COVID-19 infections reported to the CDC has declined overall since January. However, the nationwide total surpasses 26 million, which is approximately 25-percent of the global sum.

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As cases become more prevalent in the U.S., it’s increasingly likely that someone you know or care about has battled COVID-19. Mark Kordic, Project Manager for the Alliance for the Unreached, calls believers to advocate for the unreached as often as we discuss COVID-19.

“The challenge for the Church is, do we care? Do our hearts break for those dying without Jesus the same way it breaks for somebody that has coronavirus?” Kordic asks.

“Jesus wants us to proclaim the Good News. Unfortunately, one out of three people has no access to the Gospel. We want to change that.”

The Alliance for the Unreached gathers individual believers and churches around a single cause – bringing Jesus to unreached people groups. Learn more here.

24/7 prayer for UPGs

(Photo courtesy of the Alliance for the Unreached)

Fewer than two percent of the population follows Christ in unreached people groups or UPGs. By definition, UPGs cannot access the Gospel message. “Whether it’s geography, religious, or political, there’s some barrier [preventing] them [from knowing] about Jesus, knowing what Jesus did by coming to earth,” Kordic adds.

The battle for souls is fought – and won – on our knees.

“We’ve launched, just a few days ago, a global 24/7 prayer room in which tens of thousands of believers are going to participate,” Kordic explains.

“Every hour of the day there’s somebody leading [prayer] and people praying that Jesus desire in Matthew 9: to send forth laborers, specifically to the unreached.”

Join the global prayer movement here. “You can register and sign up for an hour or join the prayer room at any time. We still have some needs for leaders,” Kordic says.

Finally, don’t forget to save the date! Join MNN and other Alliance members on May 23 for the International Day for the Unreached, or IDU Sunday.



In the header image, a man prays to Buddha. (Photo courtesy of the Alliance for the Unreached)